My list of the must-have tools for any DIYer

For the serious DIYer, it is a no-brainer that you will have to have essential tools to get those projects done properly. The following is a list of what many consider must-haves when it comes to getting your project off without a hitch.

Tool Chest

You’ve gotta have one central place to put all of those tools and that means having a tool kit. Whether you are a novice, intermediate, or professional, you will need a proper tool kit that can handle all of your materials and is sturdy enough to get you from task A to task B with no hassles.

Screwdriver Set

You will definitely need screwdrivers in several sizes to use for light switch installation, opening lids on metal cans, tightening cabinets, and so forth. Whichever brand you decide on (although Phillips is at the top of the industry), variety is the key when it comes to a great screwdriver set. You might even need that screwdriver set to tighten up a few screws on that air compressor of yours.

Tape Measure

For precision and accuracy, having a tape measure on hand at all times is also an absolute must. Have one ready to measure those paintings that need to be hung or the space between two pieces of furniture.


You will need a durable hammer that can drive those nails in the walls, help you piece together furniture, and hang those pictures. If anything ever gets bent, that curved claw will come in handy as well. Plumb models are even better as they are fiberglass and just about unbreakable.

Duct Tape

Even if you are not a DIYer, duct tape is an absolute must around the house because you never know when it will come in handy. Use it to stick just about anything anywhere, and trust that it will stay there. It is perfect for broken buckets, torn tarps, and small holes.


As long as you have batteries around that are charged, a flashlight that doesn’t need to be plugged in is ideal. The next time you have to work outside or under a cabinet, you will be happy that you have made the investment to have a flashlight on hand.

Plier Set

Pliers can straighten bent power cords, replace older showerheads, cut wiring, and grip just about any object.

Utility Knife

This will come in handy for lots of things, including sharpening pencils, marking mortises, opening boxes, and shaving wood. If you want to invest in one with blade storage and covered handle, even better. And remember to always have fresh blades in stock.

Putty Knife

Use it to spread spackle, glaze windows, or scrape paint away or remove wallpapers.


These are quicker to set up than a regular power saw and are perfect for trimming lumber and/or molding stock.

Multibit Screwdriver

With this version, it is possible to place all bits inside the handle. The handle is able to drive screws quickly and with less power than a normal screwdriver.