Cool ways to use salvaged wood!

As reclaimed wood becomes an even more popular way to conserve natural resources, it has become not just a way to celebrate the beauty of nature, but it is also an excellent way to save lots of money. For those that are considering reclaimed wood for their next project, there are lots of color variations that can do wonders for your surroundings.

Be on the lookout for the types of woods that you can use when you attend garage sales in your neighbourhood, flea markets, estate sales, even local newspapers and Craigslist for last minute notices. You never know where that next gem may come from so it is important to have your ears and eyes to the ground at all times. In some instances, people just give their piles of wood away simply because they want to be done with it.

Be selective. Look for wood that has character – weathered and knotted wood are great examples of the types that can give your project a truly unique feel and look. Wood with flecks in it or grooves will give the finished product a singular look that no one else will be able to copy.

Reclaiming Road Ties


You can take road ties that have been reclaimed to liven up your next landscaping project. If you happen upon a source that can direct you towards more for your landscaping, make sure that it is in proper condition. If it is, it can be used to line up and create a tiered garden. Then, you have the option to stagger the following layer for additional support with road ties. For even more structure, drill holes through layers several inches deep into the ground around and then thread iron rods into each hole.

Garden Ornaments

If you happen to find a great piece at a flea market, consider it for furniture as part of your garden. No work is even necessary on it – leave it as is and add some character immediately to your garden. If it already in decent condition, you may only have to rinse it off and remove any grime or dirt. If you need to apply varnish to protect wood, err on the side of caution as one that is too glossy can take character away from the chair and the garden.

Make a Bookcase

Take planks and construct a bookcase with reclaimed wood. It doesn’t have to be perfect and if it looks slightly worn, do not fret about it. As long as it is centered and sturdy, the salvaged wood can be put to good use. If you have shorter piece, they can become shelves.

Singular Headboards

Reclaimed wood can also work for headboards if you have pieces that are similar lengths. Use a bit of varnish to protect the wood and to avoid splinters.


Find wood crates anywhere and then use them to create storage units that are in and of themselves a work of art. The configuration can be altered per your wishes and whatever the end result is will be a hit anyway.